Ein schönes Lachen kann so einfach sein

Some people have naturally straight and beutiful teeth. Others may have small tooth defects making them feel uncomfortable and unhappy with their appearance. A modern and contemporary method called IN-LINE® makes it possible to correct teeth that are too far apart or teeth that are overcrowded. It guarantees a delightful smile and improves your attitude to life.

Was macht unser System so anders

IN-LINE® is almost transparent and at the same time gently moves the teeth. IN-LINE® consists of a set of removable plastic splints, which means the teeth are corrected and repositioned without the need for common metal braces..

Welche Vorteile hat die IN-LINE-Beandlung für Ihre Patienten?

  • IN-LINE® is almost transparent!
    Treatment is undetectable.

  • IN-LINE® is comfortable!
    Metal braces and wire with sharp edges, which often cause oral inflammation, are no longer necessary.

  • IN-LINE® is removable!
    You can remove the splints while eating, drinking and for daily oral hygiene. This means you are not faced with any inconvenience in your daily life, as you can brush your teeth as usual.

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